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Hether Irene Klesh

Hether Irene Klesh
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Hether’s Art is based on her connection for where the Arts & Sciences meet. Her curiosity has taken her into areas such as right & left brain hemispheres, then into individual learning styles. She now embraces Neuro-Diversity over most typically accepted learning models and has used it with great success teaching private art lessons (with adults or children) and keeps current on new information about seeing and the brain. She actually teaches people “how to see better” and so any artist can benefit from these lessons, from beginner to seasoned artist.

Although animals and people, or both together figure prominently in her paintings, one look at her Artist Website will show you that her lessons will truly free you to progress in any subject matter; Klesh does not have boundaries around the kinds of subject matter she can do, only preferences. Check out the before & after work of some of her students here

Hether has a side passion of understanding how the Arts, with respect to Neuro-Diversity (music, dance, visual, performance etc.) benefits our health & is interested in promoting this concept with either artists or researchers or both.

St. Catherines
L2S 1X1
Book/Paper, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Teaching Children’s Art Sessions starting May 20th, 6 sessions at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, On.


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