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Daniel Heller Fine Art

Daniel Heller Fine Art
Daniel Heller Fine Art
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I begin with ideas I want my art to, in some way, “discuss” – to be visual vehicles for an expanded conversation on some specific topic.

I find precedents in early art and then elaborate on those through my own technical and expressive abilities. The result is a creative interaction that is often surprising to me – and fascinating to my clients.

My subjects are mostly futuristic, rendered into figurative images that sometimes contain symbolic elements, combined with colorful forms or landscapes, to create the coded message in the artwork.


Daniel Heller is a professional architect and multidisciplinary visual artist who lives and works in New York. Graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the faculty of architecture in Florence Italy. He has practiced architecture and designed numerous healing environments for healthcare institutions in the United States. The artist works in several art mediums including oil painting, and fine art photography. He exhibited in several countries and his works are held in private collections in Australia, UK, Israel and the United States.


Palazzo Strozzi, Florence

Manyung Gallery, Melbourne

Istituto Italiano Di Cultura, Tel Aviv

Aizik Gallery, Beer Sheba

Hewlett-Woodmere Library Gallery, Hewlett, NY

Barnes Gallery, Garden City South, NY

National Art League at Barnes Gallery

New York
Drawing, Painting, Photography, Other Visual Media
Fantasy, Modern
  • Daniel Heller Fine Art
  • Daniel Heller Fine Art
  • Daniel Heller Fine Art
  • Daniel Heller Fine Art


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