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Effective Websites for Artists and Art Groups

What Every Artist Needs to Know About the Internet!

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in this book:

  • What people really want to see on your website
  • Making sure search engines find your site
  • How to submit your website to Internet directories
  • Syndicating articles to promote your work
  • Low-cost ways to sell your art online
  • How to choose a web designer
  • Protecting your artwork on the Internet
  • Using e-mail lists to build repeat business
  • How Pay-Per-Click advertising can bring you web traffic and sales for just a few dollars a month

This Book is for You

A true insider’s guide, written by artist, technologist and entrepreneur Bob Nicholson. Learn everything you need to know to make your website work for you!

Need your website to showcase your artwork to galleries?

Want to sell your artwork on the Internet?

Want your customers coming back again and again?

… then this book is for YOU!

Learn why most websites are like a “billboard in a cornfield” – and how you can bring the “highway” to your website by getting top placement in search engines!

Most web designers are just designers… they don’t understand marketing, business, or Internet technology. Before you waste your money on a website that won’t do anything for your business, READ THIS BOOK!

Bob Nicholson has been designing effective websites for artists, art groups, guilds and galleries since 1998. He has managed websites serving more than two million pages per day!

Testimonials and Reviews

I am a part time artist and my ‘day job’ is running a women’s clothing boutique. I was given a copy of this book and I was really happy to find that there’s a lot of information I can use for BOTH my businesses. It’s gotten me really motivated to put more energy into promoting my websites for both my art and my clothing business, and *maybe* take the big leap and start selling my artwork on the web. I learned a LOT from reading this book.
— EL, San Antonio

I took a workshop based on the material in this book and found it to be excellent. Very valuable to anyone setting up a web site. I’m looking forward to getting the book.
— MC, San Carlos

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The entire text of Effective Websites for Artists and Art Groups2nd Edition is now available on this website. Click a link below to start reading.



Chapter 1 – Introduction & Background

Chapter 2 – The Business of Art

Chapter 3 – Designing Your Artist Website

Chapter 4 – Promoting Your Website

Chapter 5 – Website Alternatives for Artists

Chapter 6 – Keeping in Touch With Customers

Chapter 7 – Websites for Art Groups

Chapter 8 – Making Money With Your Website

Chapter 9 – Conclusion

Artist Websites Glossary

Appendix A – Resources and Links

Publication Notes