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Submit your Free Listing to the ArtChain Directory

ArtChain provides free web listings to individual artists, and to art galleries, museums, guilds, art schools, co-ops and art groups of any kind.

Art fans throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico use our directory to find artists and groups just like yours. Not only that, but when directories such as ours link to your site, your rank in search engines like Google automatically goes up!

Please do not submit SPAM listings. If you are not an artist or an art group, your listing will be deleted.

When you join ArtChain, your listing will appear on our site within 48 hours. We will send you an e-mail every 6-8 weeks to confirm your listing and be sure that our contact information is still correct. If everything is correct, you don’t even need to respond. (Studies have shown that over 30% of the information in a web directory changes each year, so we work hard to keep our listings up-to-date.)

There is absolutely no charge for a membership and listing at ArtChain.

The directory and link information you provide will be public, but to help fight spam, we will never publish or share your e-mail address. (We can relay messages from site visitors to your contact e-mail if you wish.)